Decorating Ideas for a Gallery in a Ranch Style Home Design

Home Design Gallery – The hacienda-style houses first appeared in the 1920′s and usually have a single story with a distribution in the form of L or U. Many ranch style homes have gallery, or if they do, is a small area just before the front door. The gallery style and decorative elements you choose will help improve a space to be and to have visitors.

Gallery closed

One option for the gallery hacienda style home is close to fly. This helps to protect the guests of insects and other elements. A decorative concrete floor will withstand all the rain that passes the net. You can place more seats with this type of home design gallery, so you can choose a wicker chair with a comfortable nesting area. A gallery sleeping is an alternative that lets you have a closed immediately fly out of a front room, as the main room gallery. This type of gallery is visible from the front of the house but it will be more private than one that comes out of the front door.

Home Design Gallery

Gallery courtyard with addition

If you already have a gallery but are small, add a patio may be the most practical solution. This addition will not require you to change the current architecture of your gallery but to give you more surface area. The brick pavement can help accentuate the brick facade that is common in the hacienda style homes. If you want an attraction look for your courtyard, colors and Mexican-style decor are the most suitable because they build with warm earth tones and natural materials. No matter what your budget for the renovation of your patio, you can add a subtle touch with accessories and plants, in addition to natural stone and paint to complete the ambiance. Transforms a common courtyard in an exciting outdoor space to relax or entertain in as little as a weekend. Paint the walls of the courtyard with vibrant colors like yellow, pumpkin, rust, red or green. Use light colors to brighten the space, or choose the darker tones to balance the amount of sunlight that enters the area. Cover the patio floor with terracotta tiles and add colorful Talavera tiles to create a border around the patio. Concrete floors stained brown or rust color image exactly replicate terracotta if you are on a budget.

Gallery around

To maximize the space of the gallery, make a surround to the house. This will extend the front of the house next door. The hardwood floor or painted the same color as the facade complement the design of the house. Decorative moldings will add a lovely feature to design around the house. Rocking chairs go well with this idyllic space. Add colorful pillows, a side table and a kettle to complete the setting.

Change your current gallery

If your hacienda style house already has a gallery, considers modify what you already have to achieve the desired style. Make big forward to a more prominent feature in the house columns. A decorative arch can also add architectural detail to the front of your house without requiring major work. If your gallery you is a wooden platform , maybe you put more tables to extend the surface of your home design gallery.

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