Minimalist House Model 2 Floors Beautiful Front View

Before realizing your dream residence, first determine the minimalist 2-story house model that looks front as desired. In the world of architecture, appearance is a term to refer to the shape of a building in two dimensions that is visible from the outside of the building.


The front view is a two-dimensional form of the building that is visible from the outside of the building in the front direction. The function of the front view includes showing dimensions, proportions, architectural style, materials, colors, and aesthetics.


This time we will give some references to front-view models of a number of interesting architectural styles. Starting from tropical, oriental, traditional Javanese concepts, the use of balconies, and others.


Minimalist House Model 2 Floors Front View Low Cost


Cost is one of the most crucial things in planning to build a house. If the budget you prepare is quite limited, there is nothing wrong with designing the front view simply.


For example, with a simple façade that utilizes the use of natural stone as a chic accent on the wall. A simple façade design can also be designed by highlighting the play of colors.


With limited funds, you don’t have to use expensive materials as facades. Instead, it gets around this through the application of light and contrasting colors. For example, combining green and cream, blue and white, or others.


Minimalist Home Front View with Balcony


The minimalist 2-story front-facing house model that is no less interesting is the placement of a semi-outdoor balcony as the main highlight. The balcony on the 2nd floor is made with a concept like a semi-open room.


This balcony is roofed with triangles with walls on both sides. While the boundary uses glass so that it strengthens the semi-outdoor impression. Clear glass as a barrier makes the inside of the balcony visible from the outside.


This is a special interest and makes it a focal point where people’s eyes will be directly drawn to the balcony. In addition, other balcony designs can be options for designing the front view, for example:


  1. Balcony Jutting Forward


One of the front-facing 2-story minimalist house models worth considering is the balcony jutting forward. What is meant by jutting forward is the position of the balcony being parallel above the carport.


  1. Balcony with a Touch of Plants


The next balcony design inspiration is to give a touch of plants on the outside of the balcony. Plants are planted on a small additional area that protrudes outwards and functions as an area for laying plants.


The touch of the plant produces a unique and different look from the front view. Green plants combined with white walls produce a beautiful color play effect.


  1. Balcony with Wooden Partitions


The way to make the balcony more attractive and less monotonous is to involve wooden partitions on a minimalist balcony with all-white nuances. This partition is installed as a decoration on the railings or balcony dividers.


The wooden partition in question is in the form of wooden decorations in the form of horizontal lines that rise to the ceiling. So that partition becomes an interesting accent that invites attention.


Minimalist House Model 2 Floors Front View With Jenga Concept


Jenga is a game of arranging small wooden blocks stacked vertically and horizontally alternating from the bottom up. Well, if you are challenged to build a unique and unusual residence, the jenga game can be used as inspiration.


The minimalist 2-story house model front view can be inspired by the game of jenga or stacko. Its unique feature is that the 1st floor is made with an elongated shape while the 2nd floor is widespread.


So that when it is finished it will produce a look like wooden blocks arranged in the jenga game. The unique shape of the building produces an unusual front view and is a plus in itself.


The advantage of this design model is not only that it produces an attractive front view. But it also produces a special side view. To present an even more attractive design, you can do a color game.


Namely applying white on the 1st floor exterior and black on the exterior of the 2nd floor. The combination of black and white makes this front-looking 2-story minimalist house model even more unique.


The presence of white blends nicely with black as if to describe the principle of yin and yang representing balance. A touch of glass on large windows can be applied on both floors.


With a touch of glass, the appearance of the house in front and side looks more balanced, dynamic, and not rigid. While the roof uses a dak roof that strengthens the modern industrial look.


Tropical Front View Model


The minimalist 2-story house model with a tropical front view also has many enthusiasts. The tropical concept is one of the most popular architectural styles considering that it is closely related to the Indonesian climate.


A distinctive feature of the tropical style is that it presents natural elements such as wood, stone materials, and often involves plants. In addition, tropical styles also apply a lot of glass windows or doors to support lighting.


Here are some tropical front-view models that you can use as inspiration.


  1. Use of Glass Material


The tropical-style architecture pays great attention to the circulation of natural lighting. One of them is realized by the use of glass material in the form of large high windows to partitions in the form of glass in some parts.


Well, you can make glass material as an important element of a minimalist 2-story house model with  a tropical front view. That is by presenting a glass wall on the front view of the 2nd floor.


Glass elements can also be presented on the 1st floor in the form of large windows. To beautify the look at night and create dramatic ambient, you can add some support lighting.


  1. Natural Stone Façade


Natural stone is a material that represents natural elements in a building. One way to produce a tropical front view of the house is to present natural stone as a façade material.


The installation of a natural stone façade as a 2-story minimalist house model with a front view in gray, beige, black, brownish, or other natural colors can be a statement in itself.


One of the advantages of using a natural stone façade is that it is quite easy and simple. Even with a simple design, you can still produce a charming front view without excessive effort.


  1. Natural Nuanced Fence


The front view of a building is also supported by the appearance of a fence. Well, to highlight the tropical style, you can apply natural materials to the fence. For example, wood material or natural stone material.


The minimalist 2-story house model front view using an aesthetic fence can be designed in the form of a minimalist wooden fence. While the use of natural stone as a fencing material produces a more luxurious and elegant look.


You can also combine wood and natural stone elements as an attractive alloy for making aesthetic fences. Natural stone presents an elegant strong impression balanced by wooden elements that imply warmth.


  1. Accentuate the Sloping Roof Shape


Tropical-style houses generally have sloping roofs to support the flow of rainwater and air circulation in the room. In addition, the sloping roof also contributes to the appearance of the front view of the tropical house.


You can get creative with the shape of the sloping roof and do level games. In addition to supporting the needs of the building, the creative sloping roof also supports the aesthetics of the residence, especially on the front view.


Front View with Oriental Concept


The minimalist 2-story house model front view can also carry an oriental architectural style. Oriental style itself is a concept that is influenced by the typical culture of the East Asian region such as Japan, Korea, China, and others.


One of the characteristics of oriental style is a simple and simple design and often involves the use of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and natural stone.


For those of you who are interested in oriental culture, you can adopt this style to look forward and the whole residence. One example of a front view inspired by oriental style is a minimalist wooden wall design.


Then it is beautified by a wooden fence directly connected to the garage area. This wooden fence is made fully enclosed to bring privacy to the residents inside.


The use of full wood material on the front view may feel monotonous. However, this minimalist 2-story front-facing house model will be more aesthetic if given a certain touch of texture.


For example, the surface of the wooden wall is designed using pieces of wood arranged in such a way as to present attractive texture features.


While the fence area applies a sliding model with long woods tightly arranged in the vertical direction. A similar model, namely wooden walls, can also be applied to the front view of the 2nd floor.


Front View with a Traditional Javanese Touch


The minimalist 2-story front-facing house model does not have to carry a modern concept as a whole. Incorporating traditional elements such as Javanese-style architecture can be a unique and unusual bright idea.


The traditional Javanese house, namely the Joglo house, has an attractive kara k that is attractive. For those of you who like traditional elements, there is nothing wrong with including it as one of the elements in the dwelling including the front view.


Joglo touch that can be used as a front view feature, for example the typical Joglo roof. Joglo has a distinctive shaped roof with a significant height difference between the edge and the middle of the roof.


The Joglo roof is quite high in the middle while the edges are slightly tilted with a relatively gentle slope. The wall area is made to still carry a modern minimalist concept to create a slick mix.


While the minimalist 2-story house model front view on the door is usually made not too high. You can add javanese carving elements as an ornament that is thick with traditional culture.


Javanese touch can also be presented through pillars that stand parallel to the front area. Traditional elements in modern minimalist homes offer unique visualizations that invite attention.


Types of Façade Materials That Support the Front View of the House


In the world of architecture, the façade is understood as the exterior of the building, especially on the front. Facades are not only for residential buildings but also applied to other buildings such as offices, malls, houses of worship, and so on.


There are many materials that you can use as a façade for the house, you know. Each material has such special characteristics that it may only be suitable for a particular architectural style.


The types of façade materials for designing a beautiful front-facing 2-story minimalist house model include:

  1. Bricks, suitable for facades on houses in the tropics
  2. Wood, this material is suitable for minimalist and classic style residences
  3. Metal, is a façade material that is suitable to be applied to residential with a modern industrial concept
  4. Natural stone, an interesting option to bring out the natural impression on the exterior

After studying some of the references above, now is the time to determine which 2-story minimalist house model looks front that best suits your interests and tastes.