Modern Minimalist House Design Ideas 2 Floors Various Styles

Modern minimalist 2-story house designs are increasingly in demand because families, especially millennials, crave a modern dream house. But this design is also desirable across generations.

A two-story residence is a very attractive option. Especially for those of you who live in urban areas where land prices are rising. So that it can only afford land that is not so large.

An effective solution to having a comfortable place to live on a limited plot is to make a 2-story house. Efficiency and practicality are factors that you need to consider to build a 2-level house.

This time we will provide some minimalist and modern home design ideas consisting of two floors with varied styles. Starting from industrial style, tropical style, American style, to rustic.


Modern Minimalist House Design 2 Floors Industrial Style

Industrial-style architecture is often found in commercial buildings such as cafes to offices. This architecture is synonymous with the use of iron materials, exposed walls, concrete floors so as to create an unfinished impression.

Along with the development of architecture, now industrial interiors are also adopted into residential buildings aka residential houses. Industrial style is increasingly in demand as one of the modern home designs because of its uniqueness.

The hallmark of industrial style is exposure. The interior or exterior of a modern minimalist 2-story industrial-style house design shows off the structural elements of a building.

So that the appearance gives the impression that the building is not finished or semi-finished but is designed so harmoniously. The industrial-style house shows a firm and masculine impression.

The history of the birth of industrial architecture began with the transfer of old buildings to commercial buildings or residences. So it requires renovation and rejuvenation so that it can be occupied comfortably and conducively.

The design of a modern 2-story industrial-style minimalist house combines raw and smooth structural materials. In addition, it is also often side by side with rustic or vintage furniture.

Visual assertiveness is highlighted by the open structural elements on the ceiling. Some of the basic elements and special characteristics of modern industrial style in the interior of a residential building are as follows.

  1. Beams, Pipes, Open Ceilings

Beams, pipes, as well as ceilings that expose structural elements are special features of industrial-style houses. It differs from other interior styles that hide such elements more.

Exposing structural elements is a courage in itself so that it becomes a unique value that makes many people more interested in applying it. You can see the design of a modern minimalist house 2 floors in industrial style in contemporary residences.

  1. Unity of Metal and Wood

Another characteristic is the use of wood textures that combine with metal / metal. The play of textures from these different materials gives an attractive impact in each room. For example, a wooden table with metal table legs and so on.

  1. Color Options

The dark black color option works very well in building an industrial atmosphere. In addition, ash colors and bold neutral colors are also the right options to bring the typical warmth of industrial style.

  1. Wall

Exposed walls are the hallmark of a 2-story modern minimalist house design attached to industrial style, be it exposed brick or cement or concrete. The visuals displayed are so unique that other interior styles are adapted.

  1. Floor

In order to strengthen the impression of industry, this style of design usually applies polished concrete floors. In addition to matching the theme, this method is also practical and efficient.

  1. Decoration

Exposed structural elements need to be given another, softer touch. Furniture such as plush sofas, pillows, or carpets can be decorations to balance the contrasting visuals.

Modern Minimalist House Design 2 Floors Tropical Style

Tropical architecture can be understood as an architectural style designed to take advantage of the functional side of the concept of tropical architecture itself. Namely the design made to adapt to the tropical climate.

Tropical design is intended for residential buildings in areas close to the equator, for example Indonesia. Hot climates with high humidity and rainfall require special attention to a number of aspects.

So that some focus on the design of a modern minimalist 2-story house with a tropical concept includes spatial planning, air circulation, light circulation, and the selection of materials used.

The implementation of the basic concepts of tropical architecture, for example, pays attention to the amount of sun exposure that enters the house, air circulation to meet the needs of good and healthy air, which direction the house is facing, the design of the roof, and others.

The characteristics of tropical-style architecture include:

  1. Terraces that have roofs to avoid exposure to direct sunlight
  2. Sloping roof with an average slope of more than 30 degrees
  3. Wide windows for natural lighting
  4. Plenty of ventilation to meet air circulation needs
  5. Most face north or south
  6. Placement of a variety of vegetation around the dwelling
  7. Often apply light colors

Some ways to apply a 2-story modern minimalist house design with tropical-style architecture are as follows.

  1. Sloping Roof Shape

The shape of the roof with a slope of more than 30 degrees is perfect for housing in areas with high rainfall. The slope of the roof makes the rainwater fall quickly and there is no puddle.

In addition, the sloping roof also provides more space in the ceiling area in the dwelling. The higher the ceiling, the more supportive the air circulation in it.

  1. Create Lots of Ventilation

The application of a modern minimalist 2-story tropical style house design usually has a lot of ventilation. Ventilation holes are useful for maintaining air circulation in the room.

Ventilation keeps the humidity level in the room stable so as to minimize your furniture from being exposed to mold. In addition, ventilation holes are also useful as an entry point for natural lighting.

Good air circulation and light circulation help you save electricity. Because you don’t have to rely on lights, air conditioners, or fans. As a result, tropical concept housing is quite environmentally friendly.

  1. Neutral Colors

Modern minimalist 2-story tropical house designs usually apply neutral colors and colors that are in harmony with nature. Such as white, brown, light blue, green, or terracotta.

  1. A Touch of Glass and Wood

A touch of glass and wood supports the peculiarities of tropical architecture. For example, presenting a patio in the backyard, installing a glass sliding door instead of a baffle wall, wooden furniture, and so on.

  1. Oblique Tritisan

Tropical dwellings are preferred to use wide and oblique tritisan rather than flat-shaped tritisan. Tilted tritisan protects your patio area from sun exposure. Although it does not completely block the rays, it can reduce the intensity.

Meanwhile, when it rains, the tilted tritisan will drain rainwater quickly. In addition, the sloping shape on the tritisan also minimizes tampias so that your patio floor does not get dirty quickly.

  1. Large Windows

The design of a modern minimalist house 2 floors in tropical style will feel more comfortable with tall and large windows. Windows can be used as openings as an entry point for natural light and support air circulation.

  1. A Touch of Tropical Plants

Adding tropical plants such as palm, cambodia, balinese pandanus, geranium, or others around the house can enhance comfort. In addition to tree plants, flowers, or grass, it can also put a touch of vines.

Vines dangling from upstairs. Placing ornamental plants indoors also makes the dwelling feel cooler, fresher, and soothing.

  1. Vertical Garden

Recently, many people are increasingly fond of vertical gardens. Vertical garden is usually installed on a high wall area and faces the side of the inner room.

Elegant 2-Storey Modern Minimalist House Design

Houses built with a minimalist concept can look elegant and luxurious. Usually this concept is widely chosen by contemporary design enthusiasts from the upper middle class.

A 2-story building with a total building area that is not too large can be transformed into an elegant residence. Some styling tips to make your home more elegant include the following.

  1. Create Ambient with Lighting

Lighting is a very important feature inbuilding an ele gan impression ina dwelling. Every room definitely needs lighting both from natural light and lamps.

To enhance the elegant impression on the design of a modern 2-story minimalist house, don’t forget to add additional lighting to support the main lighting. Supporting lighting serves to create a certain ambient.

Hidden uplights or downlights can make your room more dramatic. This lighting can be placed in certain locations. For example, stairs, living rooms, gardens, or highlighting objects that are the highlight of the room.

  1. Long Curtained High Window

Large and tall windows give a classy effect in a dwelling. Adding curtains from quality materials will emphasize luxury and bring elegant properties.

Choose curtains that dangle to the floor in luxurious colors such as navy blue, brown, or ash. Avoid curtains with the motif of being too crowded and tight. Motifs in the form of fine textures are an interesting choice.

  1. Glazed Table

One of the tricks to creating an elegant 2-story modern minimalist house design is to use a table covered with glass on the surface. A touch of glass gives a luxurious effect to the room.

  1. Flower Vases

The placement of flower vases as decorations is able to make the occupancy level of several levels more elegant. Choose an elegant minimalist vase and place it on the living room table or open shelves to add an element of luxury.

  1. Chandelier

Who says chandeliers are not suitable for minimalist homes? Applying a modern chandelier to a minimalist ceiling makes your room look more elegant. This lamp is suitable for installation in a dwelling with a relatively high ceiling.

Modern Minimalist House Design With American Style Concept

If you want a residence with a different character, consider a modern minimalist 2-story house design with an American style concept. This style is characterized by a simple design, the use of pastel-toned colors, and the use of natural materials.

The design reflects the dwellings that rural or country side residents live in in America. Despite its simple design, American-style designs are often thought to reflect classic luxury and elegance.

The American-style design bears some resemblance to the tropical design. For example, synonymous with light colors, having many windows, and the use of natural materials. Some of the characteristics of the American style concept include:

  1. Use of natural materials such as wood and rocks
  2. Has many windows
  3. Application of a soft color palette
  4. Selection of large-sized furniture with natural colors
  5. The roof of the house is like a saddle

Everyone has their own tastes in planning their dream home design. With some modern minimalist house design  references 2 floors above, you can determine which style best reflects your character.