Paramount accent wall color ideas in the room

Ideas accent wall – A wall is an accent wall that is meant to be the focal point of the room. It is notable for its unique appearance. To build this wall unique look, you can paint in a color that is different from the other walls in the room and further enhance more improvisations. Should contrast the color of the other walls, should be pleasing to the eye (wrong color combination can have a very shocking) should be complemented with accessories go with the color scheme and ideally should not have doors or windows. This article will give you some ideas.
Ideas accent wall

Black and gray

Do not cringe at the mention of black. Contrary to popular belief (something about being black sigh depressing!), the black is one of the best colors that can be used to paint an accent wall. It will add a touch of elegance with style and panache to your room; you may have been looking (which it is not, right?). However, there is a very important thing to keep in mind. The other walls of the room should be painted in a dull gray for best effect that the color scheme can offer. Also, make sure that the accessories in the room are well coordinated, color wise. To manufacture the accent wall look even more attractive, can have a huge semicircular mirror hanging on it. Alternatively, you can have a geometric design as a square or a triangle painted to represent a 3D effect.

Chocolate brown and ivory

You know, this idea did not even take that long. To do this, we are assuming that you have ivory (or some shade of white or other very light pastel color like cream) walls. For your accent wall, it has been painted in a shade of dark brown chocolate. The opposite effect will be well established with this. To make it even better, you can have an artist draw some stick figures representing some activity. Another thing you can do is have a huge sculpture on white paper located just in front of the accent wall. Nothing else should be placed around it. This will ensure that this ideas accent wall is made the focal point of the room.

Yellow and Blue

The above options given seem muted for you? Need something that screams bold, strong and life? Well, what paints a wall in a Mediterranean color to give your room a vibrant mix of colors? It has all the walls, except the desired accent wall, painted in a very (very) light shade of blue. Now the accent wall must be painted in an over-the -top, sun – bright yellow! To put even more in the Mediterranean air in your room, place a few potted plants that have lush green leaves fanned in front of the accent wall. If not, you may have a painting or drawing huge hung in a frame with dark edge.

Gold and Green

Relax! This idea will not make your room look very elegant! First, has its walls painted in a lighter shade of green apple. His accent wall must be painted in a gold tone that you feel comfortable. It is your home after all. Since this is the focal point of your room, you can consider something unique like having some witty quotes painted on the wall. You can also just hang the flat screen TV on the wall to complete! All you need is a good sense of the color scheme and the use of appropriate furniture to complement the wall and the wall proper care. So, go ahead and give your ideas accent wall home an elegant look by painting one wall!

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