Inspirational 2 Floor 6×12 Minimalist House Design Ideas

If you want to build a house for your family quite a lot, a minimalist 2-story 6×12 house design is worth considering. Not only families with quite a lot of members, this type of house is also suitable for small families.

Those of you who have just built a household as a new partner can also make this a comfortable housing option. The residence measuring 6 x 12 square meters is not so spacious.

The way to get around this is to add a room to the top aka make a two-story building. Well, this time we will provide some inspiring 6 x 12 square meter house design ideas for your residence.

Minimalist House Design 2 Floors 6×12 with Wood Elements

One of the design ideas of a 2-story house measuring 6 x 12 square meters is to highlight wooden elements as highlights. The use of wood materials ranging from furniture or other building structures offers its own beauty.

In addition to aesthetics, wooden elements also create the impression of a warmer and more familiar room. This material is useful for maintaining room temperature. No wonder many residences choose wood material because it offers comfort.

You can apply wood material for both the interior and exterior of a minimalist 2-story 6×12 house design. Wood can not only be used for furniture needs.

But it can also be applied to parts of the dwelling other than door leaves and sills. The parts of the house that are suitable for using wood material include:

  1. Minimalist Wooden Fence

Minimalist wooden fences are an interesting idea for your minimalist residence. The fence keeps the area of the house from the external environment so that it can increase security. In addition to security interests, fences can also act as aesthetic decorations.

You can design wooden fences with modern minimalist designs. For example, fences in the form of uniform wooden panels, combined with iron or concrete, to simple whitewashed wooden fences.

In addition to the fence of the house, wooden elements in the minimalist house design of 2 floors 6×12 can also be used as guardrails on the balcony. This barrier is very important for maintaining the security and safety of residents when relaxing on the balcony.

  1. Minimalist Wooden Staircase

Level houses certainly need stairs as connecting access between the 1st and 2nd floors. Well, there is nothing wrong with choosing wood material to be used as a ladder. Minimalist wooden staircases are a wise choice.

Such alternatives can be chosen as an effective way to maximize a not so large room. This is because a minimalist wooden staircase does not create a “heavy” impression in the room.

There are various wooden staircase designs to beautify your minimalist 2-story 6×12 house design . For example, the use of wood material as a ladder holder, handle, iron combination wooden ladder, wooden floating stair, and so on.

  1. Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is an option that is increasingly in demand to present fresh designs in minimalist housing. You don’t have to install it in all rooms, you can place wooden floors in certain areas as a room statement.

Despite its beauty, wood material still requires care and maintenance. Starting from regular cleaning, re-vernishing, researching, or other maintenance. This is important for maintaining the strength and durability of the wood itself.

Minimalist House Design 2 Floors 6×12 with Color Games

One aspect that greatly influences the design of the house is color. Limited space can be transformed into a more spacious with the right color selection both interior and exterior.

White tones can be selected to create optical illusions that can make the room look more spacious and spacious. In addition, the white tone also brings a cheerful, bright atmosphere, and far from the gloomy impression.

Even so, it does not mean that the design of a minimalist 2-story 6×12 house must be all white-and-white as a whole. You should still do a color game to give your own accent in the room.

Some tips for playing with colors to make the interior look sweeter and more balanced include:

  1. Playing Color with Furniture

Furniture can be an interesting option to make your room  more lively but not excessive. For example, placing a brightly colored sofa in an all-white room to create contrast.

  1. Placing the Carpet

Carpets can be an interesting accent of the room. Choosing the right furniture for a room that is not too large is sometimes quite difficult. Well, to get around this, you can replace furniture with carpets.

Installing carpets in the living room is another option that can be considered. The lesehan room makes the gathering moments more relaxed, familiar, and warm.

  1. Decorative Wall Hangings

The minimalist house design of 2 floors 6×12 can be beautified by adding colorful wall decorations as room decoration. Wall hangings can be various. Starting from paintings, photo collections, to writings containing quotes.

  1. Wall Accents

The wall area can not only be decorated using displays. You can add creative accents of different colors. For example, a conspicuously colored wall clock, a black iron rack unit, or a narrow wallpaper installed from top to bottom.

  1. Take Advantage of Textiles

Colorful textiles can also be used as an easy, effective, and efficient color play trick. An example of a color game utilizing textiles is placing striped pillows on white-and-white floral furniture.

Minimalist House Design 2 Floors 6×12 with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is another alternative that replaces conventional wall paint to beautify the wall area in a dwelling. A 2-story 6×12 house will look even more classy with the installation of wallpaper.

The installation of wall wallpaper is indeed relatively more expensive than ordinary wall paint. However, this pays off with its beautiful appearance and the room feels more lively and less boring.

Today there are many types of wallpapers of various designs on sale. However, you have to be careful in choosing wallpaper considering that the minimalist house design of 2 floors 6×12 is not so spacious.

How to choose a wallpaper motif to create the illusion of a wider room is as follows:

  1. Horizontal Line Motif Wallpaper

Stripe motifs or horizontal stripes are capable of creating optical illusions that make the impression wider. Installing wallpaper patterned with horizontal lines helps the interior appear longer and wider.

Choose wallpaper with a horizontal line pattern with white shades, for example, a white base color with a blue stripe. Avoid motives whose lines are too tight because it will actually make the space feel narrower and more crowded.

  1. Vertical Line Motif Wallpaper

To make a minimalist 2-story 6×12 house design that seems higher, you can install wallpaper with vertical line patterns. The installation is suitable if your room is not too high but wants a more spacious impression.

  1. Motif Simple

Choose wallpapers that are simple or simple and not too crowded. Simple patterns that are small in size and not too tight make the walls look sweet without exaggeration.

  1. Smooth Texture Wallpapers

Another no less interesting alternative is wallpaper with a smooth texture. Choose a texture wallpaper that is light in color so that the space seems airy. Smooth texture can create interesting accents on the walls of a dwelling.

  1. Geometric Patterns

Wallpapers with geometric pattern motifs are loved by modern and contemporary society. You can make this another option to beautify the wall.

To make the space feel airy, choose a large-sized geometric pattern. Avoid choosing small and tight geometric patternsbecause the narrow impression will be more pronounced.

Minimalist House Design Room Plan 2 Floors 6×12

Well, now is the time to discuss the layout of the room inside the 6 x 12 2-story residence. We will provide several options that you can consider in designing your dream home.

  1. 3 Rooms, Master Bedroom with Walk-in Closet

The upper floor is a private area devoted to the bedroom. It consists of 1 master bedroom for parents and two smaller bedrooms for children.

The master bedroom is larger in size and has a toilet and walk-in closet inside. Thus creating its own exclusivity for homeowners. You can also add a balcony area separated by a glass sliding door.

While the 1st floor in the minimalist house design of 2 floors 6×12 is used as a public area. Namely consisting of a living room, family room, and kitchen that are integrated with each other applying the concept of open space.

  1. 2 Living Room

The layout of a 2-story 6×12 house can also maximize the use of space for the living room area. The 1st floor is used for the living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen, and dining room.

The living room downstairs is integrated with the living room, allowing more guests to be received. On the 2nd floor there are 2 bedrooms, a living room, and a service area at the back.

The living room on the 2nd floor of the minimalist house design 2 floors 6×12 is more private. So it is suitable for watching TV or just spending time together with family more intimately.

  1. There is Mushola

Worship space is an important part of a residence. Here you and your family can perform congregational prayers or recite together. The mosque plan  can be placed on the 2nd floor with 2 children’s bedrooms.

While the lower floor consists of a living room, 1 bedroom, family room, and kitchen area. With an  attractively designed prayer room, you can be more comfortable in carrying out worship every day.

Tips for Maximizing Space in a Residence

Making a minimalist 2-story 6×12 house design is quite difficult and easy. This is because the space is quite limited so you have to be smart to take advantage of the room. The tips for maximizing space include:

  1. Storage Under the Stairs

The stairs are quite a space-consuming part in a two-story house. Don’t worry, the area under the stairs can be used as storage space so it’s not wasted.

You can use closed shelves to store books, shoes, or other items so that they stay neat. In addition, all space can be utilized to the greatest extent possible.

  1. Folding Furniture

One of the strategies to make a minimalist 2-story 6×12 house design that is quite easy is to use folding furniture. Compact furniture design is useful to save space.

You can open it when needed and fold it back when it’s no longer in use. Relax, now there are many innovative compact furniture that are suitable for minimalist housing, really.

  1. Mezzanine

If the ceiling distance is high enough, there is nothing wrong with making a mezzanine. The mezzanine can function as an additional space for various needs. Such as bedding, relaxing, storage and more.

Among the many ideas, you can take one or combine several designs. With so many  inspiring 2-story 6×12 minimalist home design ideas  , you no longer need to be confused about determining the design.