4 Room House Plan Design of Various Types

Making a 4-room house plan design  is indeed quite limited to large sizes. So that in this discussion we will focus more on a wider livin space so that development is optimal.

Please note that the context of these 4 rooms is certainly synonymous with a large family. So it really needs land with a large size in order to accommodate the living needs of its residents.

But it does not rule out the possibility of making it a second-floor house that has many advantages. What kind of potential you have when building a project like this, see the full discussion below.

Advantages of 4 Room House Plan Design Size 8×12 1 Floor

As one of the prima donnas for large families, of course, there are many advantages offered with this type. Starting from flexibility to easy maintenance can be felt by residents.

If you are interested in using a concept like this, of course, it would be better to know what the advantages are. The following are some explanations related to the advantages of single-story construction.

  1. Easy to adjust the position of the room

With a relatively large land , the floor plan of a 4-room house measuring 8×12 does not need to be difficult to manage. We can put the room in various land positions according to needs and tastes.

Therefore, in terms of the design itself, there will be many variations that can be found when you want to make it. Various adjustments can be optimally made more easily.

So homeowners, especially large families, can freely adjust to the conditions. This is the most important thing that makes an 8×12 land a prima donna.

  1. Easy maintenance

A house with free living space, of course, its maintenance also becomes much easier. Starting from cleaning, checking the integrity of the construction, to trivial things such as painting, it is certainly easy to do.

Therefore when the house is indeed going to be used long-term this consideration is quite important. Not to mention when it will be inhabited by many individuals, of course, it needs ease of care.

If a house is indeed one of your desires, of course you want to be easy to maintain. So using this design becomes one of the easiest references to do.

  1. Easy guest accommodation

If a small family decides to use a 4-room house plan design  , there are usually frequent guests coming. Of course, the number of rooms makes accommodation for guests easy.

For example, when many families from outside the area often come to visit the house. This can certainly be one of the important considerations when you want to build a long-term residence.

By using some of these considerations, of course, you will be more confident when building. But wait a minute, also know what the drawbacks are so you can determine the most ideal option.

Disadvantages of 4-Room House Plan Design Size 8×12 1 Floor

A construction is indeed impossible to have absolute perfection. There will definitely still be shortcomings that make this choice not always ideal when it is to be used as a residence.

So it’s also good to know what the shortcomings are in order to be able to consider the mitigation process. The following are some of the disadvantages of a four-room house design that you need to know.

  1. The construction time is relatively long

Usually for a large enough land, the development process takes a long time. With a 4-room house plan design  measuring 8×12 you need to be patient waiting for the project to be completed.

In addition to taking time, there are various calculations that need to be done because the size of the property is getting bigger. The larger the property, the calculation to guarantee the integrity of the construction is also difficult.

So it is natural that the developer takes longer to complete the development project. This is of course one of the shortcomings so you will feel unsatisfied.

  1. Expensive renovation costs

For such a spacious house, it is clear that in the event of damage renovations will be expensive. So when you want to make an overhaul, for example, the cost needed is also high.

That, of course, can limit the flexibility of tweaking when the dwelling is finished. So that the potential to feel bored in housing will increasingly occur because of the limited opportunities to make an overhaul.

So if you’re a typical person who gets bored easily with the environment, you should consider it again. This is one of the important aspects that needs to be looked at in order not to later regret making.

  1. More interior needs

For those of you who have a minimalist taste, this 4-room house plan option  is not a wise option. When the residential position is spacious enough, of course, enough interior is needed so that it does not look empty.

So later you will come into contact with a lot of furniture that is far from simple. The potential to feel less comfortable with such a position will obviously happen frequently.

So by understanding these factors we hope you can reconsider. How are the positive and negative influences of the breed when later used as a dwelling.

Advantages of 4 Room House Plan Design Size 8×12 2 Floors

In this segment we are still discussing dwellings with a land size of 8×12 but using vertical expansion. This means the use of two floors as one of the optimizations for land use.

This is the next ideal option as it can mitigate the shortcomings of a single-storey design. The following are some of the advantages that you can use as a reference before building.

  1. Can divide living space

Living space is an important aspect of the design of a two-story 4-room 8×2 house plan. For example, the first floor can be given only two rooms and the rest is placed on the second floor.

This of course provides a wider living space option compared to others. For large family dwellings, of course, this aspect is very important because it can divide the focus living space.

When living space is easy to manage, of course, the comfort in inhabiting becomes higher. Aspects like this are certainly one of the selling points of the design.

  1. Flexible in terms of accommodation

Accommodation in living life is one of the important aspects that should not be underestimated. When you make it an option, of course, the number of rooms is an advantage in itself.

Besides being able to be used for one’s own family when there are guests, it is also very helpful. This makes this four-room option with two floors a higher privacy option.

You can divide it for example the base room for guests while the second floor master. These considerations certainly provide flexibility when conditions do demand such.

  1. Privacy aspects are more guaranteed

The use of a 4-room house plan design  with two floors provides its own privacy. So between the use of second and first floor living space can be separated easily.

If this is done, of course, the house will become more comfortable when lived in the long term. For those of you who like privacy this is one of the most optimal options.

With these advantages in mind, of course, you can make it an option. We return it to you as a prospective occupant whether the option is considered profitable or not.

Disadvantages of 4-Room House Plan Design Size 8×12 2 Floors

Before being more confident to make development decisions, it is better to first look at the shortcomings. There are several shortcomings such as the following that you need to use as a reference.

  1. Quite expensive cost

The thing that is the focus when you want to use a 4-room house plan design measuring 8×12 2 floors is the cost. Indeed, the estimation to build a property like this is quite expensive.

To build a residence with a concept like this does require hundreds of millions or even billions. So that if financial stability has not been achieved, we do not recommend it.

In general, the concept of a house of this size is indeed used as a second residence. This means that people with a fairly high income and good financial stability as owners are.

  1. Difficult care

It is necessary to admit that caring for a one-story dwelling is much easier than two floors. So this can be one of the aspects that does need to be considered.

If you don’t have enough time to do maintenance, then this is an inappropriate option. Various treatments do need to be carried out so that the integrity of the construction is maintained.

If someone is able to do this, it is not a problem to use it. But if you’re a person with high working hours, this isn’t a great option.

  1. High maintenance costs

The wider the living space in a house, the higher the operational costs. The use of this 4-room house plan does require quite a lot of resources.

Starting from the need for water and electricity as a basis, of course, it is quite a drain on the budget. So that when your economic position is indeed not possible to avoid this type.

By knowing these three shortcomings, you can see for yourself what the potential is. Is it suitable for personal needs or is it necessary to postpone ownership.

Advantages of 4 Room House Plan Design Size 10×12 1 Floor

The size of the land of 10×12 is indeed one of the most ideal proportions for a four-room residence. So there are many advantages that we can feel when making it as a development option like.

  1. Living space is more flexible

The flexibility of the space owned from these dimensions is undeniable. With the design of the 4-room house plan , we can get optimal flexibility.

It is also suitable when having active young children because there will be no obsturcion interfering with the activity. Such advantages are of course considered ideal with a large number of residents.

  1. Varied design

If you look at some examples of this type of design, of course, you will find a lot of uniqueness. The reason is the large number of shuffles that designers can do in making settings.

This can be an easy way to find its own uniqueness in the residence. When we can make it unique from others, of course the owner will feel happy.

  1. Optimal circulation

Whether for light or air circulation will obviously be easy to make more optimal. The use of this 4-room house plan design  makes it easy for us to install vents as air routes.

In terms of lighting itself, of course, the area of the room makes it easy to determine the location of the windows. So that in maintaining health at home it becomes easy with optimal circulation.

These three aspects can certainly be a reference when you want to build them. As a residence, of course, comfort is the main aspect because you live there in the long term.

Disadvantages of 4-Room House Plan Design Size 10×12 1 Floor

When the composition is ideal, it is certainly not easy to find the shortcomings of this kind of design. But in the following we will explain the possible shortcomings that we have when using the plan.

  1. Crowded

A residence with four rooms regardless of size certainly has the purpose of many residents. So that the crowd intensity of the building is relatively high and can trigger an increase in stress.

  1. Maintenance is time consuming

To maintain the integrity of the construction, it requires the allocation of maintenance time. This is once again an aspect that is not suitable for families with high working hours.

  1. Need more support

This is also one of the limitations when the dimensions of the house are quite spacious, namely the need for support. This is useful for maintaining integrity but unfortunately sacrifices aesthetics.

If you have understood the various considerations again now, of course you will become more understanding. How is the aspect of matching the use of a 4-room house plan design  for personal needs.







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