Simple 2 Storey House Design Low Cost

Now the design of a simple 2-story house is indeed becoming popular because the price is relatively affordable. But that’s not necessarily a reference because it can vary.

On this occasion, we will discuss what exactly this design that is now a popular looks like. So you can make it a consideration and not take it for granted.

Because with the decline of land to be used as a one-story house, of course, now this is an option. Do not let when using the option is not appropriate because there is indeed a step like this.

2-Storey House Design Cost

The first aspect we need to discuss is how much it actually costs to make the design. Because many people, especially ordinary people, do not know this kind of aspect, so they are often wrong in perception.

Actually, in making the price, it is quite relatively dependent on several aspects. We will explain a little what are the aspects that affect the price of a design.

  1. Service providers

The first aspect is obviously service providers who certainly offer prices with varying prices. So different services, of course, we can’t average what price they offer.

But in general it is never too far the difference given by the provider. So we can ascertain the range when we want to sketch the house.

  1. Area

This also affects because the larger the size, of course, it will also increase. For example, between sizes 36 and 45, there must be a significant price difference.

The area of a simple 2-story house  design can be made more flexible. So with this area, prospective residents can easily determine the mapping of the room.

  1. Design complexity

The complexity of the design obviously has a huge effect on the price that needs to be paid. The more complex or the more tweaking then one needs to spend a much higher budget.

But if the design is indeed a template, it may only take a few million. Such aspects certainly need to be known in order to prepare the budget appropriately.

These three aspects affect thecost of designing your residence. Jadi need to know that this price determination does vary and needs to be considered before using a simple 2-story house.

Feel free to use the most expensive templates as they can guarantee long-term durability. If you take one that has a low cost, it is very likely that there will be many shortcomings.

So by determining an option with a higher nominal in the long run you don’t have to worry. Indeed, in Indonesia, the more expensive a concept is, the more endurance is also good.

Advantages of Simple 2-Storey House Design

When deciding to use the two-story type, of course, there are advantages that can be felt. In this segment we will focus on that aspect so that you can use it as a reference.

  1. Lack of land

The biggest advantage of a two-story house is that it can take advantage of minimal land. With vertical development, of course, a small amount of land is not a problem.

For a big city for example this is one of the best solutions that prospective residents can take. So there is no need to allocate more funds to buy large areas of land.

Of course it can save the budget optimally and the results are also satisfactory. You don’t need to worry when you want to use it as the main option.

  1. Flexible design

Now many architects do recommend the two-story type. Because there are indeed many things that can be made with such a type without having to be specific limitations.

So when prospective residents want a certain theme, of course, it is easy to customize. For example, when you want to make a simple 2-story house with a modern theme, it is not difficult to make.

With this flexibility we will not be limited by various limitations that exist. For example, even though the land is narrow, the design can still be varied.

  1. Durable

When building a dwelling having two floors, of course, it is necessary to use quality materials. This makes this type of residence durable, especially in tropical areas such as Indonesia.

If you really don’t have the intention to do frequent renovations this is one of the important considerations. Don’t be mistaken in determining options because there are indeed many advantages.

Of the three advantages, we can indeed compare for ourselves how it is positioned with an ordinary floor. Whether it can make you comfortable occupying it or not.

Reasons to Use a Simple 2-Storey House Design

Apart from the three advantages of the previous discussion, there are several reasons why this is the best option. Especially in modern life like now, of course, it requires quite a lot of consideration.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Did you know that the design of a simple 2-story house is much more environmentally friendly than the conventional type. Why this can happen is because the need for land is minimal.

When a residence requires minimal land, it means that the surrounding area can still be used for greening. The area of the garden that can be made from the area is very large.

So that the water infiltration from the area is of course much better than conventional housing. Things like this can certainly be one of the considerations why you should use it.

  1. Can apply renewable energy

When property development is carried out vertically, the light that can be absorbed is certainly greater. This allows residents to take advantage of renewable energy.

The use of solar panels will indeed be more optimal when using a simple 2-story house. So the possibility of interference with the intensity of light is also getting less and less.

This consideration can certainly save long-term conventional energy consumption. There are indeed many considerations that we can make if the design is made that way.

  1. Cheaper maintenance costs

Many people think that having a simple 2-story house requires high maintenance costs. In fact, it is the opposite because there are fewer parts that require maintenance.

The roof is one aspect in the dwelling that requires much higher maintenance. In addition, the need for paint is also not too significant compared to conventional designs.

So when you are really interested in using this type, of course, you can make it an option. Where the price of maintenance is less so that it can allocate budgets to other sectors.

Some of these reasons, of course, are enough to be a benchmark for why a design like this is effectively used. So there is no need to hesitate to use it after knowing various related aspects.

The Cost of Building a Simple 2-Storey House

Cost is one aspect ofa person’s consideration when looking to build a residence. So they want cost effective but the functionality is still fulfilled.

Therefore, a two-story residence can indeed be one of the best options that can be used. How is it possible that in terms of price, it can be cheaper than conventional.

The comparison we use is the total area of usable area in a single building. For example, in a conventional house type 36, it is clear that the total area that can be used for activities is only that limited.

But when we develop vertically, of course, the effective area that can be used is even wider. Things like this, of course, can be one of the references when you want to use it as an option.

If you really want a much higher effective area than usual, of course it can be used. This means thatwe compare the cost of buildingtwice the conventional occupancy, vertical development is better.

From this point of view we can hypothesize that the cost required will be much less. This of course can be one of the considerations when making a simple 2-story house.

Don’t let you make the wrong predictions regarding usage expectations because there are not many references. This kind of thing is indeed quite simple but requires deep consideration.

Especially from the cost aspect where we must consider more carefully so that the results are optimal. If you already know it, of course you can make it as a reference.

When building a house, we cannot underestimate it, especially from a cost point of view. Make sure to use the most effective cost but the functionality can still be fulfilled.

Simple 2-Storey House Design Type 36

Buying land with a small area is one of the wise options when viewed from a financial point of view. The price of a patch of type 36 land is of course still very affordable compared to others.

Why it is necessary to optimize it on vertical development is, of course, the reason for the optimization of the use of the room. So there is no empty area in the house that does not have a specific function.

This kind of approach is indeed quite often seen from various examples of simple 2-story house designs. So it is indeed compact in shape and able to accommodate the living needs of its residents.

Indeed, quite a lot of people still underestimate the small size of the house. But if we look at it from another point of view it also makes life more cost effective.

This means that in choosing your own furniture you don’t have to fill in the gaps. In a financial perspective, this can be the best and profitable consideration in the long term.

If we can find out the advantages of small land use like this, we can definitely make optimal use of it.

Don’t be mistaken in determining options because there really needs to be a lot of consideration. A small house is not necessarily difficult to occupy but only needs its own tweaking.

As long as the supervision in the construction of a simple 2-story house is carried out optimally, of course, the results are good. So the quality of the building from the foundation to the roof can certainly be pitted against durability.

Usually, people hesitate to use these services because they are worried about resilience. When the supervision aspect is carried out optimally, of course, this does not need to be worried anymore.

Simple 2-Storey House Design Type 45

Type 45 is a wider option that prospective residents of the house can take advantage of. In terms of land needs themselves, it is actually not much different from type 36 so the price is still affordable.

The price factor of the land cost can certainly be one of the benchmarks that the utilization remains good. The potential possessed by a house like this should also not be underestimated.

As long as a house can be used effectively, of course, various kinds of designs can be optimized. For a simple 2-story house type 45, we can indeed have more flexibility in spatial planning.

So that the design does not have to be compact and efficient when it is later built for housing. We can still provide some empty space slots for certain areas to give it a different feel.

So it does need specific settings so that the type can be used more optimally. The next step that makes tip 45 widely chosen is a lot of developers with good results.

From this type, it is indeed much easier to manage so that many developers are able to make it. As potential users, of course, we can find many options to work with.

So you don’t need to hesitate anymore when you want to build a long-term residence. There are various kinds of simple 2-storey house designs  and you can adjust it to your financial ability.