Latest Modern 2-storey minimalist house plan trends

minimalist 2-story house plan can be an attractive alternative for those of you who want a large space but are constrained by limited land. A residence that has two levels provides many advantages for its residents.

A 2-story house is certainly able to provide more space so it is suitable for families with two or more children. This allows you and other family members to have better privacy.

In addition, a 2-story residence also presents a variety of room composition choices with varying degrees. You have the flexibility and many choices in designing exteriors and interiors according to your dreams.

The magnificent appearance can also provide higher economic value so that it can be used as an investment in the future. Well, here are some design ideas for 2nd floor houses with minimalist and modern styles.

Minimalist house plan 2 floors Type 36

Buying land that is not too large can provide its own benefits. In addition to the affordable price, small-sized land makes it easier for you to design your dream home.

For greater needs, you can design a 2-story residence with type 36. This type is classified as simple and minimalist but is able to provide maximum comfort.

The key lies in how you make a minimalist 2-story type 36  house plan efficiently. By paying attention to effective functionality, you can maximize the use of land that is not too large.

House Plan Type 36 2 Floors

To make the most of the space, you can pay attention to the following composition options:

  1. 4-Room Plan

A family of 5-6 members can apply the composition of a room with 4 bedrooms. 2 large bedrooms can be placed on the 2nd floor. While 2 other small bedrooms can be placed on the 1st floor.

On the 1st floor, the living room, dining area, and kitchen are integrated into one to create a spacious impression. The kitchen area is connected with the backyard. While the front can be used as a minimalist garden and carport.

The minimalist house plan of 2 floors type 36 on the 2nd floor consists of 2 large bedrooms connected to the balcony facing the street. While other parts can be used as family areas.

  1. Plan with 3 Rooms

For families with fewer room needs, you can choose a 3-bedroom composition. The division is 1 large bedroom below and 2 other bedrooms above.

This composition makes you have a wider room for a family room that is integrated with the dining area and kitchen on the 1st floor. To keep it feeling relieved, it’s a good idea to avoid partitions between rooms.

  1. House with Spacious Garage

A minimalist 2-story type 36 house plan sometimes requires a spacious garage for 2 cars. Thus, the carport area in front of the house needs to be increased.

You can divert the minimalist garden at the back. Take it easy, the dwelling can still feel beautiful by placing trees or vines dangling.

Minimalist house plan 2 floors Type 45

Type 45 2-level dwellings have a size that is not too far apart from type 36. So that the choice of plans for this type also does not differ much, it’s just that the size is wider.

With limited land, you have to be smart in designing the arrangement of the room. So that it can meet its functionality and remain comfortable. 2-storey residence type 45 is also quite in demand.

This type is classified as an ideal residence because it is neither too big nor too small. In addition, the construction cost can also be adjusted. Of course, the budget that needs to be prepared is greater than a 1-story residence of the same type.

House Plan Type 45 2 Floors

The main key to maximizing the comfort of a residence is to pay attention to the layout of the space. Here are some options  for a 2-story minimalist house plan plan  that you can choose from:

  1. 4 Rooms

Withan area of 45 square meters, you can make 1 master room and 3 other rooms. The master bedroom along with 2 others are upstairs. While 1 more room is below.

The upper area is specifically for a private bedroom. So you have a more spacious area below for the living room, dining, family, and kitchen. The bedroom area can certainly be made larger than the type 36.

  1. Extensive Page

If you like a minimalist 2-story house plan with a large page, this can also be applied to type 45 residences, you know. The open pages at the front and back are excellent for adding beauty.

On the front you can create a minimalist garden with a variety of plants side by side with the carport area. While in the backyard can be used as a place to relax, read, or other joint activities.

  1. Home with Pool

A small land is not an obstacle for you to realize your dream residence with a swimming pool in it. This swimming pool can be placed at the back with a large folding  glass door.

Minimalist house plan 2 floors Type 70

Type 70 housing is also suitable as a place to live both for small families and families with more than 4 members. This type is also widely loved, especially from millennial families.

With a fairly spacious building area, you can place 3 bedrooms that are quite spacious. While other rooms are in the form of a living room, kitchen, dining room, family room, and toilet.

Villagein minimalist house 2 floors type 70 bag area can be especially for the private area where the bedroom is located. But there is nothing wrong with placing one room downstairs that is adjusted to the size of the needs.

The centering of the private room upstairs makes the lower floor have a large enough area for the living room, kitchen, dining room, and family room. You can also have open gardens in front or back.

House Plan 2 Floors Type 70

Paying attention to the arrangement of the space is very crucial. Especially if the shape of the land on which the building will be erected has specific characteristics. Well, here are some plans that you can use as inspiration:

  1. 4 Room House

Families from the middle class with a large number of members can apply a minimalist 2-story house plan with 4 rooms. Everything is placed at the top to create more privacy.

While the lower floor is intended as a public area including a living room, kitchen, and dining room. To make it seem wider, you should still apply the concept of open space, namely the use of space without permanent partitions.

  1. Mini Garden

For lovers of tropical nuances, you can build a residence that has a mini garden. In addition to the garden in the front yard, you can design a mini garden in the house.

That is to take advantage of the space between the kitchen and the dining room. Placing greenery and adding a small pond along with a mini waterfall will add its own freshness.

The idea of a 2-story minimalist house plan that has an indoor mini garden makes the atmosphere of your residence cooler, more beautiful, and more comfortable. Plus the soothing sound of gurgling water.

  1. Swimming pool

The upper middle class who do not need a large residence with many rooms can add a swimming pool in the area where they live. This swimming pool is suitable to be placed in the backyard.

Then the swimming pool is separated by a glass door that leads to the family room. You can place a bean bag around the pool to sit back and relax while reading a book.

Minimalist house plan 2 floors Type 80

If you have more budget with adequate land area, then a 2-story residential type 80 is an attractive option. Both for small families or quite a lot of members, they can occupy this type of residence comfortably.

The second floor can be used as a private area where the bedroom is located. For this type of building area, you can design 3-4 bedrooms of a fairly spacious size. The master bedroom can be equipped with an ensuite bathroom.

When designing a minimalist house plan of 2 floors type 80, do not forget to pay attention to every corner. So that all parts can be utilized optimally according to their respective functions.

One of them is to use the area under the stairs as a toilet. Or it can also be used as a storage space by placing shelves that are integrated with the stairs so that they look neater.

If the available land is large enough, you can use it to provide green open space. For example, designing a small garden in front and back of a house that is quite spacious.

This open area can be used as a place to relax as well as add coolness, beauty, and also the freshness of the residence. We recommend that you still apply a minimalist 2-story house plan with an open space concept.

A dwelling without many baffle walls creates the impression of spaciousness. Not only that, but you can place a number of decorative elements that can act as a room statement. For example, wall hangings, unique partitions, displays on open shelves, and so on.

Tips for Designing a 2-Storey House

In designing a 2-story residence, you need to pay attention to several things. This is not only done to maximize land use but also for the benefit of comfort and aesthetics.

  1. Color Games

A 2-story minimalist house plan that applies light-colored wall paint can give the illusion of a room to be wider. This is why interior and exterior color considerations are so important.

To bring out the modern feel, there is nothing wrong with combining dark and light colors. The combination can be an accent in itself so that your room is not boring and looks balanced.

  1. Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in creating comfort. You must pay close attention to the lighting points. The main lighting can be placed on the ceiling so that the spread reaches the entire room.

You can also add additional lighting to create a certain ambient. Or highlight the specific object you want to highlight.

  1. Minimalist Balcony

The balcony is an important part in the 2-story minimalist house plan. Here you can enjoy the view around the house from a height. Provide a seat and a small table to relax while enjoying tea and snacks.

You can also add plants or small stones around the balcony. Creating a romantic atmosphere at night can be done by adding a yellowish hidden lamp. To ensure safety, pay attention to the selection of guardrails.

  1. A Touch of Glass

Giving a touch of glass like a glass door, a towering window is also an interesting trick. Glass elements can also be added as a combination of partitions, stair barriers, and decorations to create a broad impression.

The costs that need to be incurred to build a two-story residence are indeed higher. But it all pays off because the 2-story minimalist house plan provides a spacious and comfortable place to live as needed.