Simple House Design 3 Rooms 1 and 2 Floors

Now the design of a simple 3-room house is increasingly favored by young families. Indeed, with this kind of mapping, one small-sized house can be lived in by quite a lot of people.

Although it is less than ideal when the land is too small, it does not necessarily make the idea obsolete. There are several aspects that we must understand when we want to use a concept like this.

So that in this discussion we will focus more on how to see the optimal and minimal side. The goal is for you to have insight before deciding to build.

Advantages of Simple House Design 3 Rooms Type 36 1 Floor

Although in theory this is almost absurd but the fact is that on the market there are quite a lot of such offers. Many developers give the option of an inexpensive house with three rooms of small-sized land.

Of course, there are several advantages that we can feel when using this type. On this occasion we will explain what are the advantages so that you can make it insight.

  1. Cheap

In terms of budget, this is indeed the cheapest simple 3-room one-story house design. The land needed to build also does not need to be too large so that it is flexible.

For a large city that is already densely populated, of course, this can be the best option. For example, the land already has a building, we completely renovate it into this type, it also doesn’t matter.

Because indeed the cost of redevelopment is also much more affordable than others.

  1. Durable

Did you know that the smaller a dwelling, the resilience when used also increases. Apart from various factors of development when the quality is up to the standard of durability is very high.

So when you really want a long-term residence, of course, an area of 36 is quite optimal as an option. Things like this can of course be one of the important aspects of consideration.

Don’t get it wrong in determining options because you don’t know how to be resilient. When a product is durable, the cost efficient in the long term is also good.

  1. Minimalist

From the aspect of own taste for people who want a minimalist style can use a simple 3-room house design. So it can be in line with the tastes of such individuals.

Indeed, it is now popular minimalist residential style that does not have too much furniture. According to hobbyists, this style of minimalism can calm the atmosphere.

By knowing these three advantages, of course, you can now make it a consideration. There is no need to be too broad in building a property as long as it suits your needs.

Disadvantages of Simple House Design 3 Rooms Type 36 1 Floor

After previously we discussed what the advantages look like when we see the disadvantages. Is it ideal for this type to know the shortcomings when building it.

So you won’t be wrong when you decide to use the tip as a residence. In the following, we will explain what kind of shortcomings will be obtained when building it.

  1. Narrow

This is of course obvious when a simple 3-room house design is forced on a type 36 land. Moreover, the use of one floor of this type is not widely recommended by designers.

If indeed the dwelling is going to be used privately then it is better to cut it into two rooms only. But when it is going to be used as commercial as a boarding house, it doesn’t matter.

So it really depends on how the long-term use of the dwelling is. Don’t get it wrong in specifying options and want everything to be created using type 36.

  1. Not suitable for large families

If the number of residents in a house is indeed relatively large, it is certainly not suitable. For a dwelling of four humans alone this size is already unrealistic and a bad option.

How can life run optimally when living space in the dwelling is lacking. Imposing three rooms is once again the worst decision in this design.

Even though there are better options with type 36, for example, only using two rooms. So that in long-term usage a dwelling may not be suitable for large families.

  1. Monotone design

When imposing to limit the number of living spaces and increase rooms, of course, there are many limitations. As a result in the design itself there will be many shortcomings.

When you see a simple 3-room type 36 house design , it must be quite boring. Why that can happen again is that there are limited comparisons of living space and land funds.

By knowing these shortcomings, of course, you can make it an insight. That the determination of the design and area largely determines how the final quality is when it is inhabited.

Advantages of Simple House Design 3 Rooms Type 36 2 Floors

When we have moved from a 1-story design to 2 floors, the difference will be very striking. For a fairly small space like this, of course, the selection of two floors is the most ideal option.

What are the actual advantages of using this two-story type compared to 1 floor only. Here we will explain what the advantages are so that you can make it as an insight.

  1. Broad

For a simple 3-room house design type 36 2 floors, of course, this is a wise option. It is not a problem to use three rooms because there is still twice as much space as compensation.

So we can use one bedroom on the first floor and two on the top floor. This option can certainly optimize living space so that from a small area of land a large sensation is created.

If implemented optimally, of course, this will provide an advantage by design. You don’t need to worry that the house will feel cramped with the optimization of the land.

  1. Flexible

With land that is automatically twice as large as one floor, of course, room management becomes flexible. We don’t have to worry about adding various secondary rooms.

Aspects like this will make the dwelling not boring and can be used as the right option. A wide variety of tweaking in the design can also be done by residents after the finished project.

Even when the development position is done vertically making the room four is also not a problem. So that when the purpose is used as a boarding house, it can be fulfilled.

  1. Elegant

When the area of land used for the design of a simple 3-room house is  a vertical development, of course, it is more elegant. So the building will look small from the outside but inside is very elegant.

From this aspect, you can certainly do various kinds of tweaking according to your taste. We can add various living space options to add comfort.

By using some of these aspects, of course, you can make it an important reference. Two floors are indeed the most ideal option when used for type 36 land.

Disadvantages of Simple House Design 3 Rooms Type 36 2 Floors

In this segment we will discuss together how the shortcomings of the 36-story concept are. Indeed, according to various experts this is the most ideal option when the land is limited enough to be built.

But is it true that there are no weaknesses in a design like this. So we will work together so that you know what the potential is like when you want to carry out a development project.

  1. Maintenance is more difficult

Like most houses with a second floor of various types, of course, maintenance becomes more difficult. In a simple 3-room house design type 36 two floors this is also inevitable.

Therefore, you do need to pay more attention to how long-term use is. When the time to do maintenance is minimal, reconsider.

Whether this can be an ideal option to make as an option or even troublesome. Indeed, when the house is two floors you have to take care of it more so that it is more durable to use.

  1. Expensive construction costs

One of the next considerations is the much more expensive price of its construction. Compared to one floor this vertical expansion will cost more.

Optimization of the foundation and structure of the building needs to be considered in order to last a long time. When the budget is indeed small, it can certainly provide suboptimal results.

So you do need to spend more so that this two-story house can stand in the long term. If it comes at the expense of cost, it is likely that the resilience of the structure will be poor.

  1. Difficult to overhaul

A large-scale overhaul does not always occur in a dwelling. However, when using a simple 3-room two-story type 36 house design, this becomes difficult to do.

Construction that has been made in such a way as to support the building will be difficult to modify. When the overhaul is large enough, it can affect the integrity of the building.

By knowing these three aspects you can also know what the shortcomings are when used. So you can first consider whether this is indeed suitable for use or not.

Advantages of Simple House Design 3 Rooms Type 45 1 Floor

The middle option that can be done when the two types 36 are not optimal is to use type 45. Indeed, this can only be done when there is an excess space that allows it to be built.

However, it can provide a wide range of advantages compared to the limited type 36. The following are the advantages that you can feel when using it as an option.

  1. More room

Although it uses a simple 3-room house design , the size of this land allows for a wider room. The impact, of course, makes the living space more comfortable to occupy.

You won’t be limited to narrow land and make tweaking options limited. Such a move can certainly be a midpoint when used as the main option.

  1. Easier maintenance

As a house with one floor, of course, maintenance becomes easier. Starting from integrity checks to trivial matters such as repainting the exterior and interior.

So that when it will indeed be used for long-term housing, it makes it easier for residents. Even if you have quite a bit of time doing it allocation is certainly still doable.

  1. Development is relatively inexpensive

Like a house with one floor, the construction cost is indeed cheaper. So a simple 3-room house design using type 45 can be the right option.

You don’t have to budget too much money in doing development projects. This is certainly suitable for prospective residents with a limited budget.

These three aspects can certainly be one of the middle paths you take when building a residence. Indeed, there are many important considerations that need to be done before carrying out construction.

Disadvantages of Simple House Design 3 Rooms Type 45 1 Floor

Broadly speaking, this is the ideal type that can be used. But there is nothing wrong with widening the angle of view so that you know what the weaknesses are.

  1. Lack of green land

When the land to be used is indeed limited, finally the green zone needs to be sacrificed. Indeed, this is one of the shortcomings that make this residence feel less comfortable.

  1. Less flexible

With limited land use, of course, it must sacrifice design flexibility. So when you look at various designs on the internet, you will certainly feel quite monotoneous.

  1. High leaping cost

When compared to type 36, the leaping cost to type 45 is quite high for developers. So that the distance between the required budget should also not be underestimated.

By studying these various aspects, of course, you can determine the option more wisely. The use of a simple 3-room house design needs to be adjusted to your abilities and budget.