Minimalist House Design Inspiration 1 Floor Various Types

For small families or those of you who have just built a new family, you may be looking for a minimalist 1-story house design. Minimalist housing is indeed a favorite type of residence for many people.

This type of residence has a simple type of design but the appearance is still attractive. In addition, the cost of building a minimalist house also tends to be more efficient. The choice of 1-story residence is also much loved.

In addition to the relatively affordable price, maintenance and maintenance of a 1-story house is also easier. Well, this time we will provide some design inspiration for those of you who want to build a comfortable family residence.

Minimalist House Design 1 Floor Type 36

The plan for a minimalist house type 36 is one type that is often sought after. This type is suitable for small families or young couples who do not need too large a place to live.

This type is also suitable as an alternative choice if you have a limited land area and funds. With limited land, type 36 is not so large. Even so, you can still design it by maximizing the existing land.

The design of a minimalist house 1 floor type 36 can be made with quite complete room facilities. Starting from a minimalist living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining area, and 2 comfortable bedrooms.

On the front, you can beautify the residence by designing a small garden and carport for vehicle parking. While in the back area, a minimalist back garden that blends with the kitchen can make cooking activities more comfortable.

  1. Tips to Make a Type 36 House Seem More Spacious

Type 36 housing is not included in the category of residences that are so spacious. However, you can get around this by paying attention to the layout. So that the residence feels more spacious with the following tips:

  1. Avoid Using Bulkheads

Permanent partitions will make your residence feel narrower, so it should be avoided. The integration of 2-3 rooms in a minimalist 1-story type 36 house design is an interesting idea to make a wider impression.

For example, the kitchen room and dining area or it can also be added with a living room area. To get around the bafflement, you can add wooden partitions or open shelves that can improve the aesthetics of the room.

  1. Use Multifunctional Furniture

The selection and arrangement of furniture also greatly affects the comfort of the residence. In a house that is not too big, choose furniture that is the right size for the living room and family room.

  1. Choose Light Color Paint

A broad impression will be created with the support of light wall colors such as white, cream, light ash, light blue, or other light paints. Avoid applying dark-colored paint because it will make your house feel narrower.

Minimalist House Design 1 Floor Type 45

For families who prioritize comfort, then a 1-story house type 45 is an attractive choice. With the available land, you can make a plan including 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and dining area.

At the front, a minimalist garden will add to the beauty of the residence and increase comfort. On the other side of the front, a carport can be presented for vehicle parking.

Minimalist house design 1 floor type 45 can accommodate 2 bedrooms of a fairly large size with 1 child’s bedroom. The minimalist feel is realized with the concept of open space.

That is to make an open impression on several areas at once. For example, the living room area with the family room. Or integrate the living room with the kitchen as well as the dining area.

An open concept without partitions makes the residence look more spacious. The use of light shades of paint can also add to the comfort of the residence.

In addition, good air circulation is able to provide a supply of clean and healthy air for the family. Glass windows or light grilles make the room get enough sunlight so that the atmosphere of the house is more comfortable.

The design of a minimalist house 1 floor type 45 is actually not much different from type 36. The main difference is only in the land area. The advantage of this type 45 residence is that the plan or composition offered is more varied.

That way, you can customize the design as needed. The composition of the design includes:

  1. 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom, and 1 living room
  2. 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 family room, dining area, kitchen, 1 garage

Tips for Designing a Type 45 House

If you are interested in a minimalist type 45 residence, apply the following tips to create comfort to a higher level:

  1. Do the Level Game

The level or altitude turns out to have a considerable impact on the quality of air circulation so that it affects comfort. To create a comfortable 1-story type 45 minimalist house design , do a level game.

For example, designing high ceilings in some areas such as the family room or dining area. With high ceilings, you can design an open mezzanine as an additional space.

  1. Furniture Efficiency

More furniture will make the house feel more crowded. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need furniture. Perform efficiency with proper selection such as the use of folding tables, shelves that function as partitions, floating cabinets, and others.

  1. Maximize Open Space

Open space plays an important role in providing air circulation and adequate lighting in the dwelling. Therefore, maximize open areas as well as possible, for example by creating a garden, fish pond, or others.

Modern 1 Floor Minimalist House Design

Residence with a modern minimalist concept is also one of the dreams of contemporary families. The implementation of this concept can be seen from various aspects. Starting from the arrangement of the room, the use of furniture, to the choice of colors.

Like a minimalist concept in general, this type of design still applies the concept of open space with several modern partitions. For example, open iron shelves, wooden partitions, partitions with glass combinations, and so on.

Spatial arrangement in a modern 1-story minimalist house design can be made with several alternative compositions. For example, it presents 2 bedrooms, a bathroom that has a bathtub, family room, living room, kitchen, dining area, and mini bar.

One of the characteristics of a modern residence is that it combines a family area, kitchen, and mini bar in one open area (without partitions).

If you are interested in the American concept, you can add an island to the kitchen area. Island can also serve as a mini bar by adding minimalist bar-style chairs.

Families with more members may need 3 bedrooms. Maximize the land with the right arrangement of the room so that there are no unused areas.

Modern Minimalist Home Design Tips

Some of the following tips can be an inspiration for those of you who want a minimalist 1-story house design with a modern concept:

  1. Focus on Function

One of the characteristics of the modern concept is to put forward the functionality of the room. Therefore, think carefully when creating a room plan by ensuring its function.

Residents who work from home such as freelancers or online business owners may need a dedicated workspace. But this space is not necessary for office workers who work outside the home every day.

  1. Apply Neutral Colors


The application of neutral colors also makes a modern impression on your 1-story minimalist home design stand out even more. Colors such as white, cream, brown, gray, or earth-toned colors are great options.

  1. Natural Lighting

Modern dwellings usually have sophisticated and modern lights. But natural lighting is a simple but effective trick to create a modern, aesthetic feel. The amount of light entering also affects the comfortable atmosphere.

  1. Use of Mirrors

Installing mirrors in several corners of the room can make the room seem more spacious. In addition, installing a mirror is an effective way to make the decoration of the room more beautiful and modern.

To make the design of a 1-story minimalist house even more beautiful, you can use large mirrors in several rooms. For example, placing a large mirror on the cabinet table in the living room or others.

  1. Decorative Furniture

In addition to its function, you can choose furniture or furniture that presents decorative elements. Such as tables, chairs, cabinets, to floating shelves with unique designs. This is the perfect trick to decorate the interior effectively and efficiently.

  1. Decorative Lights

Residences that have high ceilings can play composition by presenting decorative lights. Of course, this decorative lamp is simpler and more modern, not the kind of chandelier that is more suitable for a classic house.

Minimalist House Design 1 Floor Tropical Style

Tropical-themed residences are increasingly in demand because they are very close to the hot Indonesian climate. The design of a tropical house is actually also quite simple. In addition, the materials used are also easier to find.

Tropical-style architecture involves a lot of wooden elements. This element gives the impression of being close to nature and makes the atmosphere more comfortable and relaxed like a resort or inn in vacation locations.

Decorating games that combine natural elements but remain modern are the allure of tropical styles. If you want a relaxed atmosphere and prioritize aesthetics, the tropical concept is worth choosing.

Although many think that decoration in tropical dwellings costs a lot, this assumption is not always true. You can still make an affordable tropical style  1-story minimalist house design.

The composition of the room in a tropical residence can also be adjusted based on the needs and the area of land available. A distinctive feature of the tropical home concept is the presence of an open space for a garden, backyard, or open space in the middle of the room.

If you have a large area, you can build a swimming pool in the back or side area to bring out the tropical impression.

Characteristics of Tropical Minimalist Houses

Some of the characteristics that are unique to tropical-style minimalist residences include:

  1. Highlighting Natural Materials

A distinctive feature of tropical houses is that they present architectural features with a lot of wood. For example, the use of wood on various furniture, stairs, to floors. In addition to wood, natural materials such as stone, bamboo are also often used.

  1. Lots of Ventilation

Tropical houses close to nature also have plenty of ventilation to maximize natural lighting.

  1. Open Space

The open space concept still feels thick in the design of a minimalist 1-story tropical style house without many room partitions.

  1. Natural

Tropical residences are attached to colors that are in harmony with nature in the interior and exterior. Such as white, gray, brown, green, and other natural colors.

  1. Lots of Plants

A dwelling cannot be said to be tropical if it is without plants. Usually, there are many plants in the garden area, backyard, or in the house.

Well, you can use some minimalist house design ideas 1 floor above as inspiration to realize your dream home.