4 Room House Plan Design of Various Types

Making a 4-room house plan design ┬áis indeed quite limited to large sizes. So that in this discussion we will focus more on a wider livin space so that development is optimal. Please note that the context of these 4 rooms is certainly synonymous with a large family. So it really needs land with a … Read more

Simple House Design 3 Rooms 1 and 2 Floors

Now the design of a simple 3-room house is increasingly favored by young families. Indeed, with this kind of mapping, one small-sized house can be lived in by quite a lot of people. Although it is less than ideal when the land is too small, it does not necessarily make the idea obsolete. There are … Read more

3 Room House Plan Design Size 7×9 1 and 2 floors

3-room 7×9 house plans is now increasingly common and in great demand. A relatively suitable size for many people is of course one of the reasons for its use. But on this occasion we will do a more in-depth review of the design. What are the advantages and disadvantages of either a one- or two-story … Read more

Simple 2 Storey House Design Low Cost

Now the design of a simple 2-story house is indeed becoming popular because the price is relatively affordable. But that’s not necessarily a reference because it can vary. On this occasion, we will discuss what exactly this design that is now a popular looks like. So you can make it a consideration and not take … Read more

Minimalist House Model 2 Floors Beautiful Front View

Before realizing your dream residence, first determine the minimalist 2-story house model that looks front as desired. In the world of architecture, appearance is a term to refer to the shape of a building in two dimensions that is visible from the outside of the building.   The front view is a two-dimensional form of … Read more

Modern Minimalist House Design Ideas 2 Floors Various Styles

Modern minimalist 2-story house designs are increasingly in demand because families, especially millennials, crave a modern dream house. But this design is also desirable across generations. A two-story residence is a very attractive option. Especially for those of you who live in urban areas where land prices are rising. So that it can only afford … Read more

Latest Modern 2-storey minimalist house plan trends

minimalist 2-story house plan can be an attractive alternative for those of you who want a large space but are constrained by limited land. A residence that has two levels provides many advantages for its residents. A 2-story house is certainly able to provide more space so it is suitable for families with two or … Read more