3 Room House Plan Design Size 7×9 1 and 2 floors

3-room 7×9 house plans is now increasingly common and in great demand. A relatively suitable size for many people is of course one of the reasons for its use.

But on this occasion we will do a more in-depth review of the design. What are the advantages and disadvantages of either a one- or two-story type when used.

So when you make it an option, of course, you know what the potential is like. Don’t be mistaken in determining options because it can have bad repercussions in the long run.

Advantages of 3-room House Plan Design Size 7×9 1 Floor

As one of the types that are indeed widely used in housing or independents, of course there is its own charm. In this segment we will dissect what the advantages of the design look like.

So you can know better when you want to use it for housing. Whether indeed this 3-room 7×9 house plan can be used as the most appropriate option or not.

  1. Minimalist

One of the reasons why this kind of design is widely used is minimalism so it is suitable for small families. For those of you who really want a concept like this, of course it can be used as an option.

The reason for this minimalism is also one of the fundamentals of various other needs such as low maintenance. So the house does not require too complex care to keep it looking beautiful.

  1. Cheap

Many designers already offer options for this type and most of the prices are indeed affordable. So when you want an affordable option it can be a perfect fit.

Not only in terms of architectural design that is suitable but also maintenance. Because of its simple form, we are not too difficult to carry out maintenance in the long term.

So that prospective residents with middle income can be the best solution. A 3-room 7×9 house plan can be the best choice at a fairly friendly price.

  1. Rapid development

Because of its simple design, residential development projects can run faster. Compared with two-story dwellings, of course, this is much faster to build.

You don’t have to wait too long for the building to be completed and livable. Such an aspect can of course be one of the considerations when you want to make it.

By knowing these advantages, of course, you can make it a reference. Before building a house, we really need to pay attention to what the maximum potential is.

Disadvantages of 3-room House Plan Design Size 7×9 1 Floor

To be balanced, of course, you need to see what kind of shortcomings you might get from using. So there is an aspect of consideration before later deciding to use the design.

Please be aware that there are some drawbacks that may be able to limit development. So we will give a brief review of the following shortcomings.

  1. Less flexible

With the use of a 3-room house plan measuring 7×9 1 floor, there will be many limitations. One of them is the lack of space that we can tweak as needed.

The necessity of making three bedrooms certainly makes there are fewer room options. If the house is only one floor, it means that we will sacrifice quite a lot of flexible space.

Therefore when you still want to do some tweaking it’s better to consider first. The number of rooms based on land area can be an obstacle to development.

  1. Suboptimal circulation

Either light or air circulation will be quite limited with the concept of three bedrooms. The reason is that the bedroom should provide complete privacy thus limiting the use of circulation.

When this is implemented, of course, it will limit the comfort of the residents themselves. Therefore, you need to look more deeply at how it will be used in the future.

Will it indeed be maintained using such a concept or make changes. Remember that the flexibility in tweaking will be quite a bit with this design.

  1. Space limitations

When using a 3-room house plan measuring 7×9 1 floor, we will feel the limitations of space. With such a property area imposing three bedrooms is not a wise thing.

When there is a cut in the number of rooms of course flexibility will be optimally obtained. Aspects like this should certainly be usable and considered for corrections.

When you already know the weaknesses, of course you can make corrections more precisely. Tweaking does need to be done, especially when the property area is quite limited.

House Plan Design Cost 3 rooms Size 7×9 1 Floor

In general, the actual design cost for this type of architecture is not very high. Back again to the conventional form that still uses only one floor so it is simple.

But back again to the services of the designer you use whether it can make it expensive or cheap. It can be expensive when it does require a lot of tweaking and optimal land use.

Such an aspect is indeed one of the important considerations when you want to build a residence. But please note that in general compared to the second floor, this is much cheaper.

So when you use the services of a designer or architect the results will be much more affordable. Then the excess budget can be allocated to other things that are no less important than the design.

These considerations can certainly give you insight into how development management is. The allocation of funds for a 3-room house plan measuring 7×9 1 floor is usually only a few million.

This can certainly be one of the important considerations when later you really want to make it an option. For middle-class residents, of course, this is not too complex to do.

Don’t make a mistake in making allocations because you really need a deeper concept of thinking. When everything is done optimally, of course, effort can affect the results significantly.

Advantages of 3-room House Plan Design Size 7×9 2 Floors

In this segment we will discuss together a two-story 7×9 residence so that it is different from before. This vertical development can exert quite a lot of influence on residents.

So we can see from some crucial things that make it much more optimal. The following are the reasons why the design of a 3-room 7×9 two-story house plan is superior  to one floor.

  1. More flexible design

When the modification room is indeed free enough so that various designs can be carried out according to the needs of the occupants. Here we are talking up to twice the initial area which is only one floor.

Of course, with twice the effective area, this can provide more flexibility than one floor. You can adjust various needs from the area of the area.

This means that the first and second floors can be used more widely and provide enough space. Even used for larger families is also effective and does not reduce wiggle room.

  1. More optimal circulation

Using a two-story design means that we can tweak the position of the room. This allows designers to maintain optimal circulation of air or light.

When this is implemented in development, it can certainly have a positive impact. For example, to maintain the health and cleanliness of the house will be much better than just one floor.

Indeed, many people view that the circulation of either light or air is trivial. But when indeed the dwelling will be occupied long-term, don’t take this lightly.

  1. Easy room management

Room management is also one of the important aspects that are often underestimated. So with the allocation of a wider area the management becomes easy to do.

You can even tweak yourself with a 3-room 7×9 house plan design. The amount of space that is likely to be left is one of the important aspects that should not be underestimated.

Some of these advantages can certainly be important considerations before using them. Whether this is indeed suitable for your long-term needs or not.

Disadvantages of 3-room House Plan Design Size 7×9 2 Floors

In addition to the advantages, of course, there are obviously disadvantages that are possessed by a design like this. In this segment, we will focus on discussing the shortcomings so that your considerations become more mature.

  1. More expensive design

Obviously when we want a design with a much higher area, of course the cost will be expensive. When compared to the same area of one floor, of course, it is much different in nominal.

Why it can happen because with the use of two floors it means that the area will be doubled. So it is appropriate when the cost of working on the design becomes more expensive.

For the record when using a 3-room house plan measuring 7×9 two floors, don’t be tempted by low prices. It is better to spend more costs so that the project can run and the results are optimal.

  1. More complex care

Did you know that taking care of a two-story house is much more draining than just one floor. So when the daily schedule is busy this will overwhelm you.

So consider how the form of the dwelling with the ability to care for it. Don’t let the dwelling eventually become unkempt because you don’t have time.

Of course, it will be very unfortunate when it ends up the occupancy is not durable. Lack of care will also create aesthetic degradation to the building long-term.

  1. Expensive construction costs

One aspect that should not be missed is the much more expensive cost of construction. When erecting with a 3-room house plan, the construction strength must indeed be tough.

When we sacrifice the power of construction obviously the second floor house will become prone to collapse. Especially in country with a relatively high earthquake intensity every year.

By knowing these considerations, of course, you can now see two sides more deeply. Is this indeed suitable for long-term use or is it better to choose only one conventional floor.

House Plan Design Cost 3 rooms Size 7×9 2 Floors

Broadly speaking, the cost aspect of the influence is not too far compared to one floor. But what we need to underline is that obviously the price is much higher than usual.

For example, when handing over architecture to construction designers, of course, it requires higher manufacturing costs. Such a thing is certainly not everyone can use it as the main option.

Therefore, budget considerations are one of the important things that should not be underestimated. It is worth acknowledging that the cost of a two-story 7×9 3-room house  plan is much more expensive.

If one floor usually has a budget of only a few million, then two floors are likely to reach tens of millions. If you already understand what the price range is, of course it can be used as an insight.

That doing residential design is not a simple matter that is not much consideration. In fact, you as a prospective resident must also know what it will be like when used long-term.

Is it suitable or only costly because the residence is not a permanent asset. The existence of these various aspects can certainly give you enough insight before building.

Do not be mistaken in determining the use of residential designs for the long term. Both the design of a 3-room house plan measuring 7×9 one or two floors has its own disadvantages and advantages.