Car Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If your child loves cars, then you may want to consider decorating their bedroom with a car theme. Here are some car bedroom decorating ideas that will make your child’s room the envy of all their friends.

Car Bed

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A car bed is the perfect centerpiece for a car-themed bedroom. You can find car beds in a variety of styles, from race cars to police cars to fire trucks. Choose a bed that matches your child’s favorite type of car.

Racing Stripes

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Add racing stripes to the walls of your child’s bedroom to give it a sporty feel. You can use paint, wallpaper, or even decals to create the stripes. Choose colors that match the rest of the room’s decor.

Tire Shelves

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Turn old tires into shelves for your child’s toys and books. Simply paint the tires and mount them on the wall. You can also add a small piece of wood to the bottom of the tire to create a shelf.

Car Posters

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Hang posters of your child’s favorite cars on the walls of their bedroom. You can find posters at your local store or online. You can also frame the posters to make them look more professional.

Garage Door Mural

Garage Door MuralSource:

Create a garage door mural on one of the walls of your child’s bedroom. This can be a fun and creative way to add some depth and dimension to the room. You can hire an artist to paint the mural or use a mural kit to do it yourself.

License Plate Art

License Plate ArtSource:

Collect old license plates and turn them into art for your child’s bedroom. You can create a collage of license plates or use them to spell out your child’s name. This is a fun and unique way to add some personality to the room.

Car Themed Bedding

Car Themed BeddingSource:

Choose bedding that matches the car theme of your child’s bedroom. You can find bedding with race cars, police cars, and fire trucks on them. This is an easy way to tie the room together and make it feel cohesive.

Toy Car Display

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Display your child’s toy cars on shelves or in a display case. This is a great way to show off their collection and add some decoration to the room. You can also use toy cars as bookends or as part of a lamp base.

Racing Tire Ottoman

Racing Tire OttomanSource:

Turn an old tire into an ottoman for your child’s bedroom. This is a fun and easy DIY project that you can do with your child. Simply cut a piece of foam to fit inside the tire, cover it with fabric, and add legs to the bottom.

Car Rug

Car RugSource:

Add a car rug to your child’s bedroom to tie the room together. You can find rugs with race cars, police cars, and fire trucks on them. This is an easy way to add some color and texture to the floor.


With these car bedroom decorating ideas, you can create a fun and exciting room for your child. Whether they love race cars, police cars, or fire trucks, there are plenty of ways to incorporate their favorite cars into the decor. Remember to have fun and get creative!

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