Beach Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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When it comes to decorating your bedroom, the beach theme is a popular choice for many. The beach theme offers a sense of relaxation and tranquility, making it the perfect theme for a bedroom. In this article, we will provide you with some beach bedroom decorating ideas that will transform your bedroom into a serene coastal oasis.

Choose a Color Scheme

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The first step in creating a beach bedroom is to choose a color scheme. The colors you choose should reflect the beach theme, such as shades of blue, green, and sand. You can also add pops of color with coral or turquoise accents. Keep the colors light and airy to create a calming effect in the room.

Add Beach-Inspired Bedding

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One of the easiest ways to add a beach theme to your bedroom is by adding beach-inspired bedding. Look for bedding with sea-inspired patterns, such as seashells, starfish, or coral. You can also choose bedding in shades of blue, green, or sand to match your color scheme.

Bring in Natural Elements

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To create a beachy vibe in your bedroom, bring in natural elements such as driftwood, seashells, and sand. Use these elements to decorate your nightstand, dresser, or shelves. You can also add a vase of beach grass or a potted palm to bring a touch of nature into the room.

Display Coastal Artwork

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Coastal artwork is a great way to bring the beach theme into your bedroom. Look for artwork that features seascapes, sailboats, or beach scenes. You can also create a gallery wall with a collection of beach-themed artwork and photographs.

Add Beach-Inspired Lighting

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The right lighting can create a relaxing atmosphere in your beach bedroom. Look for lighting fixtures that feature natural materials such as driftwood or rope. You can also add a table lamp with a base that features seashells or coral.

Create a Coastal Headboard

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If you’re feeling crafty, you can create a coastal headboard for your bed. Use driftwood or weathered wood to create a rustic headboard. You can also use fabric in beachy patterns, such as stripes or seashells, to create a unique headboard.

Add Beachy Accents

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To complete your beach bedroom, add beachy accents throughout the room. Look for decorative items such as seashell candles, beach-themed picture frames, or a rope mirror. You can also add a throw pillow with a beachy pattern to your bed or a coastal rug to your bedroom floor.


Creating a beach bedroom is easy and fun. With these beach bedroom decorating ideas, you can transform your bedroom into a serene coastal oasis that you’ll love to come home to. Remember to choose a color scheme, add beach-inspired bedding, bring in natural elements, display coastal artwork, add beach-inspired lighting, create a coastal headboard, and add beachy accents for the finishing touches.

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