Beach Bedrooms Decorating Ideas

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Beach themed bedrooms are great for those who love to relax and unwind in a space that feels like a vacation. Creating a beach-themed bedroom doesn’t have to be difficult, and there are many ways to incorporate elements of the beach into your decor. Whether you live near the coast or not, you can still create a beach-inspired retreat in your own home.

Color Scheme

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The first step in creating a beach-themed bedroom is to choose a color scheme. Blue, white, and beige are popular choices for a beach bedroom, but you can also add in greens and yellows to mimic the colors of the sand and sea grass. Adding pops of coral or pink can bring in the colors of a sunset over the water.


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One of the easiest ways to bring a beach vibe into your bedroom is through your bedding. Choose sheets and comforters in shades of blue or beige to mimic the colors of the ocean and sand. Add in a few accent pillows with coral or sea-inspired designs to complete the look.

Wall Decor

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Adding beach-themed wall decor is a great way to bring the ocean inside. Hang up some framed prints of seashells or starfish, or add in a large piece of artwork featuring a beach scene. Adding a textured wallpaper that mimics the look of sand or waves can also bring in some beachy charm.

Seashell Accents

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Seashells are a classic beach decor element and can be incorporated into your bedroom in many ways. Fill a glass jar with shells and display it on a shelf or dresser. Use larger shells as bookends or paperweights. Add a seashell-inspired lamp or chandelier to complete the look.

Beachy Furniture

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Adding beachy furniture to your bedroom can really bring in the coastal vibe. Look for pieces made of natural materials like wicker or rattan. A wooden headboard or bed frame can also bring in the look of driftwood.

Window Treatments

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Window treatments can also add to the beach vibe of your bedroom. Choose curtains in light, airy fabrics like linen or sheer cotton. Add in some bamboo blinds to mimic the look of beach cabanas.

Beachy Accessories

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Adding in some beachy accessories can really complete the look of your bedroom. Look for items like beach-themed picture frames, candles in ocean scents, or even a surfboard-shaped mirror. Adding in some plants like succulents or palm trees can also bring in some tropical charm.


Creating a beach-themed bedroom is a great way to bring a relaxed and vacation-like feel into your home. By incorporating elements like a beachy color scheme, seashell accents, and coastal decor, you can make your bedroom feel like a beachside retreat.

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