Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Newly Married Couples

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Congratulations on your recent marriage! As newlyweds, you are probably eager to start your new life together and create a home that is both comfortable and romantic. One of the most important rooms in your home is your bedroom, as it is where you will spend most of your time together. Here are some bedroom decorating ideas for newly married couples.

Color Scheme

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The color scheme of your bedroom should be soothing and romantic. Consider using soft shades of blue, green, or pink. These colors are calming and promote relaxation. You can also use neutral colors like beige, gray, or white as a base and add pops of color with accessories like throw pillows, curtains, or a rug.


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Your bedroom furniture should be functional and comfortable. A comfortable bed is essential for a good night’s sleep. You can add a romantic touch by choosing a bed with a canopy or a headboard with a tufted design. Nightstands are also important for storing items like books, glasses, or a phone charger.


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The lighting in your bedroom can create a romantic atmosphere. Consider using soft lighting like dimmer switches or bedside lamps with soft shades. You can also add a chandelier or pendant light fixture for a touch of elegance.


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Your bedding should be comfortable and inviting. Invest in high-quality sheets and pillows for a luxurious feel. You can also add a duvet cover or a quilt for warmth and style. Choose bedding in soft colors and textures like silk, cotton or linen.

Window Treatments

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Your window treatments can add privacy and style to your bedroom. Consider using blackout curtains or shades for a good night’s sleep. You can also add sheer curtains for a romantic touch. Choose window treatments in colors that complement your bedding and overall color scheme.


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Artwork can add personality and style to your bedroom. Choose artwork that reflects your tastes and interests. You can also choose artwork that is calming and romantic, like landscapes or abstract art. Hang artwork at eye level and in proportion to the size of your furniture.


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Accessories can add the finishing touch to your bedroom. Consider adding throw pillows, a decorative throw, or a rug for warmth and style. You can also add candles, flowers, or a diffuser for a romantic scent. Choose accessories that complement your bedding and overall color scheme.


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An organized bedroom is essential for a peaceful and relaxing environment. Invest in storage solutions like a dresser, closet organizer, or under-bed storage. Keep your bedside table clutter-free by using a tray or a small basket to hold items like jewelry or a book.

Personal Touches

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Your bedroom should reflect your personality and tastes. Add personal touches like framed photos, a favorite book on the nightstand, or a piece of artwork that has sentimental value. These personal touches will make your bedroom feel like a cozy and romantic retreat.


Creating a romantic and comfortable bedroom is essential for newly married couples. By using these bedroom decorating ideas, you can create a space that is both functional and stylish. Remember to choose a soothing color scheme, comfortable furniture, romantic lighting, luxurious bedding, and add personal touches that reflect your personality. With these ideas in mind, you can create a bedroom that you and your partner will love spending time in.

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